Sierras Photographs
by Jack Starr

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  Jack Starr was fortunate enough to visit Bodie State Historic Park during the winter when there were almost no tourists, so he was able to photograph the buildings in this historic mining town without any visitors except for the resident cat blocking his view.

Click on a small image below to see the enlarged photo.

Panorama of the town of Bodie, California
Panorama of Bodie, California

Photo of church in Bodie View of Bodie through church window Ruins of stone building at Bodie
Bodie church View through
Bodie church window
Ruins at Bodie

Photo of wagon in Bodie Photo of large wheel in Bodie
Wagon at Bodie Large wheel at Bodie

Photo of cat in Bodie Closeup of black & white cat in Bodie Photo of gas station in Bodie
Resident cat at
Green Street in Bodie
Closeup of Cat on
Green Street sign post
Bodie gas station

Photo of general store in Bodie
Boone Store at Bodie

Photo of school in Bodie Photo of firehouse in Bodie
Bodie Schoolhouse Bodie Firehouse

Photo of hotel in Bodie Photo of mining equipment in Bodie
Bodie Hotel Mining Equipment at Bodie

Photo of mining equipment in Bodie Photo of mining equipment in Bodie
Mining Equipment at Bodie Mining Equipment at Bodie

The mine at Bodie, California
The Mine at Bodie, California


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